Broad based solutions beyond the obvious



  • Revenue Management:

    Continuous review of market trends and strategic rate management is a top priority for Global Vision Hotels. Our analysis processes ensure we know current and future market trends and destination events so that our owners realize maximum return for each night’s revenue. A lead revenue management person is assigned to each hotel and works with the Vice President of Revenue Development to ensure we remain focused on business opportunities within each market.
  • Employment:

    Our careful attention to the selection process ensures we hire associates with a customer service attitude and approach of caring about our customers. Global Vision Hotels manages all aspect of the employment process from recruitment to interviewing and selection for all leadership and hourly associates. We make arrangements for the required insurance coverage and offer a comprehensive employment, benefits and reporting programs and file all required compliance paperwork.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping:

    Global Vision Hotels offers complete bookkeeping and accounting services including: accounts payable, accounts receivable and aging, general ledger, cash management, filing of all related business taxes, budgeting and forecasting, along with collections management. We can also liaison with mortgage services and financial institutions to ensure proper release and allocation of capital improvements and other funding requirements.
  • Payroll:

    Effective control of payroll and productivity reporting is critical to the financial success of any hotel property. Global Vision Hotel's payroll formula is based on accurate occupancy and business forecasting with strict adherence to established productivity formulas. Global Vision Hotels monitors payroll productivity on a daily basis to ensure the maximum effectiveness of payroll dollars. Global Vision Hotels will arrange for the payment of wages and all reporting and filing requirements to the appropriate agencies.
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis:

    Comprehensive financial statements and operational statistics allow Global Vision and the client to monitor the financial growth of the business and the effectiveness of our efforts. Financial statements, payables analysis, internal controls, purchasing and inventory management along with quarterly owner reviews provide opportunity for strong communications and the long-term financial stability of the business.
  • Franchise Management:

    Franchisors are key partners in the successful operation of the hotel. Global Vision will manage the full range of franchise communications including brand standards compliance, property audits, renovation punch lists, fee negotiations, sales and marketing, occupancy and maintain cooperative relationships with brand managers.
  • Reporting:

    Global Vision Hotels will arrange for all documentation and permits required to operate the business. Local licenses, code compliance, permits, and leases are document and filed in a timely manner.
  • Project management:

    Changing customer and brand requirements frequently require the upgrading of hotel facilities. Our approach to facilities development is to create the value of the asset in a cost effective manner. Careful consideration to design, contractor selection, finishing selection and sound project management principles ensures a successful property upgrade. Global Vision Hotels manages all capital and renovation projects to ensure a successful and timely completion with minimal guest inconvenience.