Broad based solutions beyond the obvious



To operate our properties from an ownership perspective increasing the value of the assets we manage by focusing on growing market share, paying close attention to general upkeep and maintenance of the physical plant, developing and treating associates fairly and exceeding customer expectations together with our brand partners to be the leading hotel in the market.

Build a loyal client base through outstanding customer service consistent with brand standards

Develop business consistently through an aggressive sales and revenue management effort

Maximize the value of the asset through continuous maintenance keeping the surroundings comfortable & attractive

Market penetration is a key to driving revenues and to increasing the opportunity for repeat business. Global Vision Hotels believes that careful attention pricing considerations and offering an outstanding value for group clients is the key to maximizing revenue opportunities in the marketplace. Occupancy and yield information is closely monitored to drive pricing and business decisions which maximize the value of the asset for our owners. Our emphasis on local partnerships and destination marketing increases hotel exposure to expanded market attractors.

Our approach to customer service and consistency of product and performance is based on strict adherence to brand standards of quality and performance to ensure a return stay on all individual and group bookings. Achieving our benchmarks for customer satisfaction ensures fewer resources are spent on attracting new customers to replace those that left unsatisfied. We ensure our staff is trained in the tools of customer service and the elements of delivering a memorable experience to customers based on knowing what their particular needs are prior to arrival at the hotel.

Product appearance and functionality is another key focus to ensure that customers receive the value that they expect when staying at our hotels. Careful attention to interior ambiance and exterior grooming creates the first impression a customer perceives when encountering a hotel. The arrival experience is particularly salient to create a sense that the customer made the right choice for accommodations as they first arrive at a property. We leave no detail to chance when creating the first impression for our customers.